Top 5 Software Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you trying to find the top software companies in Las Vegas, Nevada? The good news is, is there are a wide variety of companies who can help you tackle those pesky programming projects your business desperately needs. We know this can be a daunting task, but the shortlist below should prove helpful to those seeking software services.

Top 5 Software Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

Baseplan Software Group

Founded in 1986, Baseplan Software Group has specialized in understanding a business’s operation and integrating software into it. Specifically, rental businesses can become much more efficient by streamlining their operations.  If you are in the construction business, having the proper equipment on site is vital to keep projects going. Baseplan Software Group’s rental software has many useful features, including setting rental rates, short and long-term contract management, and pre and post-rental inspections. Baseplan Software Group likely has the expertise to help you grow your business.


Phone: 702-410-8600

Infurm Technologies

Infurm Technologies is an information technology provider and can replace in-house solutions to your IT problems. Originally named BBM Enterprises, Infurm Technologies started in 1996 as a home-based provider of web design services. The company provides desktop applications, mobile, and web development, and hosting. Also, the company offers IT consulting and business analysis.


Phone: 702-518-3899


ELEKS started in 1991 as a small, family-owned business, and has since progressed to doing business with Fortune 500 companies.  They have an impressive array of core competencies, including software engineering, technology consulting, business analysis, data science, research and development, UX consulting, and quality assurance.  The software development is an especially notable service for business, as ELEKS customers get custom made products. ELEKS will work closely with your business to craft new software on tight timetables and help you rebuild and redesign legacy IT systems.


Phone: 702-919-6222

Once Interactive

Founded in 2012, Once Interactive has worked with very large clients, including PERL Mortgage, and KIA USA. The company has an outstanding track record of important clients. Once Interactive specializes in website development for product brands. The work at every stage is painstaking, and thoroughly researches your company, your competition, and the goals you have for your business. Full development of your website is done with WordPress, so your website will display correctly on all device and browsers, at all resolutions. However, the website is not released to the client until it is working at 100%. Final stages include training your staff to use the website. Using tailor-made software and programs, and the best employees at their specialties; your business is in the best possible hands.


Phone: 702.563.4480

ICU Computer Solutions

Established in 2014, ICU Computer Solutions has a diverse array of services to offer, including virus removal, ad-ware and spy-ware removal, website building, network design, building, and maintenance, configuring and installing servers, and building computers. However, service is not limited to the previous categories, and also part of any service is the goal of making sure your business has the best possible presentation online.


Phone: 702.696.8872

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